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How Does Pure Sine Wave Inverter Work?
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Pure Sine Wave Inverter plays an important role in our daily life. In our household equipment, travel equipment and other devices have a wide range of applications. Let's see how Pure Sine Wave Inverter works.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter converts the dc voltage into a high voltage current. In addition to this main Pure Sine Wave Inverter circuit, it will also have control circuit and auxiliary circuit. There are also special circuits for protection. The main function of the control circuit is to control the steering and disconnecting of the inverter switch tube, and to complete the function of inverter with the main Pure Sine Wave Inverter circuit.

The main function of the input circuit is to provide dc voltage to the main inverter circuit which can ensure the normal operation of the circuit. The main function of the output circuit is to ensure the quality of ac output from the main inverter circuit, and to adjust and modify the output voltage to meet the requirements of users. The main function of the auxiliary circuit is to convert the input voltage of the inverter circuit into the direct current suitable for controlling the circuit, and to detect various circuits. The main function of the protection circuit is to protect all kinds of circuits from overheating and voltage.

Pure going Wave makes the main application scenario is widespread, mainly by cars, laptop, air conditioning, home theater, electric grinding wheel, electric tools, sewing machine, TV, washing machine, smoke lampblack machine, refrigerator, VCR, massager, fan, lighting, etc., mainly used in provide auxiliary ac power supply for dc power supply, some places need to alternating current (ac), can be used for Pure Sine Wave Inverter going Wave makes the direct current into alternating current (ac), the common use of solar energy systems used in a lot of, made by the sun's energy electricity is dc electricity, The power grid needs alternating current, so it can convert the direct current of solar energy into alternating current, which is then fed into the grid.

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