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How To Use The Car Inverter Correctly?
- Sep 09, 2018 -

The vehicle inverter that the car inverter outputs through the cigarette lighter can be 20w, 40w, 80w, 120w up to 150w power specifications. Connecting the home appliance to the output of the power converter makes it easy to use various appliances in the car as if it were used at home.

Below, let's take a look at how to use the car inverter.

What is an inverter and what is its working principle?

Because this article is mainly to explain how the car inverter is used, and the precautions are mainly to help the novice to solve the daily use problem as the main purpose. Therefore, in terms of explaining the principle, we only make a basic introduction, and also ask some technical controllers to understand. Of course, if you are not interested in these electrical knowledge, it is a complete white, you can also jump to the next summary, directly into the topic.

Inverter is a kind of transformer that converts low-voltage DC power (usually the electric energy output from the battery) into high-voltage AC high-frequency energy (currently China's civil AC is 220v, 50hz sine wave). The basic working principle of the ordinary car inverter is: first convert the 12v low-voltage direct current into 265v high-voltage direct current, and then convert the 265v direct current into 220v, 50hz sine wave AC. The main internal components are inverter bridge, filter circuit, oscillator, control logic circuit and so on.

How to choose the inverter that suits you

At present, Auto Parts City, major e-commerce companies and Taobao merchants are filled with a large variety of inverter power supplies, which are tens of dollars cheaper, and hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It can carry a maximum power ranging from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. So which inverter should we use?

First of all, for ordinary home users, it is enough to buy an inverter with a maximum power limit of 200w. Because the insurance used by most family car 12v power supplies is less than or equal to 20a, that is to say, the maximum allowable 230w electrical appliances, and some older models even allow the maximum current of only 10a, so the car is optional. Inverters can't be blind to high power. Most of the inverters currently connected to the 12v power supply can only be used by appliances below 150W.

For some outdoor workers, people who need high-power appliances can purchase inverters for directly connected batteries. This kind of inverter can be used by appliances of 500w or higher, and can drive small motors and some 1000w photographic softboxes.

As for the grade of the inverter, in addition to the traditional work materials and brands. They also have a big difference in performance. Currently, there are mainly inverters that output pure sine wave and quasi-sine wave on the market. The output of the pure sine wave inverter is relatively high, basically starting from 500 yuan, the mid-range goods are around 1000 yuan, but the performance is very stable, and the quality of 220v AC output from some high-end goods is even higher than our daily routine. Use electricity. Inverters with square waves, such as quasi-sine waves or modified sine waves, can be guaranteed in most cases, and are a cost-effective inverter suitable for ordinary consumers.

As for how to distinguish the inverters purchased by the inverter when it is purchased, this is very simple. The specifications on the inverter package will clearly indicate the continuous output power of the inverter and the output waveform.

General inverter use and precautions for use

The maximum current that the 12V power supply can withstand is not too high. Of course, there is no uniform standard. In most cases, each manufacturer will design the maximum allowable current to be 15a or 20a. There are also a small number of models, especially some older models, which use 10a insurance. Therefore, when we use the inverter used in ordinary cars, we must know how much current the insurance of our car 12v car power supply allows. Do not blindly use high power, use electric appliances with excessive power, except for your car. There is no other benefit to the insurance inside.

In daily life, most of our digital products, such as mobile phones, cameras, computers, tablets, etc., require very low power, less than 100w, and can be used with confidence, but like some of the heating devices we use when driving by car. Usually the power is very high, such as hair dryer, hot fast, electric hot water bottle, etc., more than 1000w, it is absolutely impossible to connect the inverter inside the car.

Use caution, danger of misuse

At this time, some friends may worry that if the inverter is used, if the current is too high, in addition to burning the inverter and the insurance of the 12v power supply in the car, will the other electrical appliances in the car be burnt down or affect other electrical appliances? In terms of the use of electrical appliances in the car before the parallel circuit, so burned after the insurance will only affect the use of 12v power supply, will not affect other electrical appliances in the car.

Be sure to see the specifications of the products you purchased before use.

At present, the inverter of more than 100 yuan sold on the market is affected by the cost. The 220v AC wave of the converted output is not an absolutely pure sine wave, but a modified sine wave or quasi-sine wave (a kind of square wave improvement). ). The negative impact is that some appliances such as nickel-cadmium batteries, which require high charge and discharge, can have a very large impact. The electrical equipment that usually uses nickel-cadmium batteries has razors, rechargeable flashlights, mobile power supplies, etc., you must pay attention.

This is a commonplace thing, a lot of "young" cars, after the parking is turned off, the car 12v power supply will not automatically power off, of course, the consequences can be imagined. Because the inverter itself is also a consumer that consumes power, if the 12v power supply is not powered after your car is turned off, the inverter itself will be used even if no other electrical appliances are used on the inverter after parking for a long time. The electricity in the battery is exhausted.

What about high-powered outdoor applications? How do you use inverters for high-power appliances? It’s not difficult, when you need to use high-power appliances (generally more than 150w) ), at this time, the dedicated inverter for high-power appliances can be directly connected to the car battery. When using it, you need to pay attention to how big the battery capacity is. Do not use the electricity in the battery to cause the vehicle to fire normally.

to sum up

Inverter is not a commonly used in-vehicle device and is not well known to many car owners. Some people just heard that some people think that they can use a moderately priced plug-in, no matter what electrical appliances they can use, but they don't know that there are many hidden dangers hidden in them. As an ordinary family car user, we rarely use the inverter every day, because most of the time we charge the phone or use some small appliances, we can directly connect the car 12v power supply. Only in the long-distance self-driving tour or some special time, the inverter will appear as "first-aid firefighter", but because it is not commonly used, it is hard to understand. Some inverters have been used around me and have not been successfully rescued. Instead, they burned. The tragedy of insurance. I hope that through this article everyone can correctly understand the inverter and use the inverter correctly.

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