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What Are The Key Points To Follow When Installing Pure Sine Wave Inverter
- Jul 24, 2018 -

How to install Pure Sine Wave Inverter is something that many people would like to know, so let's briefly summarize. First of all, when we open the packing box, we first follow the instructions to check whether all the accessories needed for the product are ready. In general, it should include the ac input line and the corresponding instructions for the product.

Before installation, attention should be paid to the proper installation environment. In view of the special performance of Pure Sine Wave Inverter, it is better to choose a ventilated and cool installation environment with dry and clean installation environment, so as to avoid the damage caused by bad environment to Pure Sine Wave Inverter parts to the greatest extent. Then check the output voltage of Pure Sine Wave Inverter's dc power supply against the specification above and make sure it is in accordance with the requirements. During the installation process, after confirming the positive and negative electrodes of the power supply, the connection can be started.

It should be noted that in the process of wiring, the positive and negative electrodes should not be mistaken. In general, the high potential is positive and the low potential is negative, so as to better avoid the connection is safe and reliable. Then take the input wire to be used from the attachment bag of Pure Sine Wave Inverter, confirm the socket marked "AC IN", and connect the correct end to the cabinet, while the rest end needs to be inserted into the power socket specified IN our daily life. The last step of installation is followed. At this time, we need to find the load input line and the socket marked "AC OUT", which represents the output. Therefore, the installation of Pure Sine Wave Inverter is completed only when the load input line of Pure Sine Wave Inverter is inserted into the output socket.

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