1000 WATT DC-AC Inverter Circuit Diagram

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1000 watt dc-ac inverter circuit diagram



1000 watt dc-ac inverter circuit diagram

The core of the circuit is CD4047 chip; this chip here acts as an Astable Multivibrator. So the chip generates clock pulses of frequency 50Hz. This frequency is chosen by capacitor C2 and resistor R1. The time period for the signal is given as:

T = 4.71 R1*C2. 

Now to get frequency (1/T) of 50Hz, we need to play with the above numbers. We can choose capacitance as a constant and play with resistance for appropriate frequency. But if you don’t have an oscilloscope to adjust the pot for the exact resistance, choose capacitance as 4.7µF and resistance as 1KΩ. This gives a frequency of 47Hz, which would do just fine for simple loads. If you want to get exact frequency you need to select the resistance accurately.

1000 watt dc-ac inverter circuit diagram

So the chip generates the clock pulses, these pulses are taken to N-MOSFET to drive the transformer. The transformer steps up the 12V to 230V. So every time a pulse reaches the MOSFET gate, we will have a 220V half cycle at the output. In the next pulse, the second MOSFET triggers for the second half cycle of 220V. So with two MOSFETS turning on and off at 50Hz frequency, we will have 50Hz 220V cycle output at the transformer end.

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