12 Volt to 220 Volt Inverter 2000 WATT

12 volt to 220 volt inverter 2000 watt Product features: ■ Pure sine wave output (THD<3%) ■ High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power ■ 100% sufficient power. ■ Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance. ■ Optional Crocodile clip and cigar lighters,easy...

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12 volt to 220 volt inverter 2000 watt



12 volt to 220 volt inverter 2000 watt

This voltage inverter converts a vehicle 12V DC battery power to 230V AC power supply. For use in most cars, caravans and boats. The inverter has overload and short circuit protection. It has 2 x AC sockets which give a combined output of 2000W. Up to the full 2000 watts is available from either socket. These sockets are your regular Irish or UK sockets. It is supplied with 2 sets of battery terminal connector leads which can be used if you are hooking the inverter up to two batteries. It has a continuous use duty rating and has an overload protection cutout with a low voltage alarm. Automatic low voltage cutout will cut in to prevent your vehicle battery been run down. It has a modified sine wave waveform. A Larger capacity battery may be required for operating high wattage devices for reasonable run times. This large capacity unit needs to be connected straight to the battery and not through a cigarette lighter connector.

12 volt to 220 volt inverter 2000 watt

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