Motomaster 500 WATT Intelligent Inverter

motomaster 500 watt intelligent inverter Product features: ■ Pure sine wave output (THD<3%) ■ High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power ■ 100% sufficient power. ■ Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance. ■ Optional Crocodile clip and cigar lighters,easy...

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motomaster 500 watt intelligent inverter


motomaster 500 watt intelligent inverter

This is a scaled down version of the model we took a look at under item number two in our top power inverter countdown. It is a good device to have in your car for powering AC equipment that requires 400 watts of power or less.

It is a car power inverter that you can plug in any AC-powered device into either of its dual 110V standard household electrical outlets. There are also 4 convenient built-in USB charging or power points too. This unit can plug into a cigarette lighter for light power needs and can also be hooked up directly to your vehicle’s battery too.


1.high efficiency ,dc to ac isolation,smart size and portable to carry. transportation cost lowly. 

2.start working softly and silently. grid pure sine wave output

4.Work strong stability ,safty adaptability when connecting the loads.

5.industrial universal socket designed for wide applicability. 

6.Protection against over-heating,over-voltage,low voltage, over load and short circuits.

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