600W DC to AC Inverter

600 watt dc to ac inverter Product features: ■ Pure sine wave output (THD<3%) ■ High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power ■ 100% sufficient power. ■ Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance. ■ Optional Crocodile clip and cigar lighters,easy to connect...

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600 watt dc to ac inverter



600w dc to ac inverter


1. Office equipment series: Computers, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, digital camera and etc;

2. Household appliances series: Vacuum cleaners, Fans, Lighting, Electric cutting knife, Television, Sewing machines, Electric fans and etc;

3. Kitchen utensils series: Microwave ovens, Refrigerators, Freezers, Coffee machines, Blenders, Oven, induction cooker and etc;

4. Electronics Series: TV, VCR, Game consoles, Radios, Power amplifiers, Audio equipment, Monitoring equipment, Terminal equipment, Intelligence platforms, Satellite communications equipment and etc;

5. In-car or on-boat devices series: Military vehicle, police cars, medical ambulance, ships, traffic lights and etc;

6. Industry equipments series: Solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamp and etc;

7. Power tool series: Electric saw, drilling machine, punching machines, air compressor and etc.

Warranty:1 year

600w dc to ac inverter

Advantages of our inverters

1. Inside transformer with high quality ferrite core, which takes high efficiency to our inverters

2. PCB assembling is SMD in stead of hand-made

3. World-brand key components (IR Mosfet, IGBT etc. ) ensure the units working stable.

4. Specialized PCB design, reasonalbe product consturcture makes the units with less Electro Magnetic Interference and more reliability

5. Good loading ability by special micro-processor design

6.Over ten years experiences on the pure sine wave inverter design and producer

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