600W Inverter 12V 220V

600w inverter 12v 220v Product features: ■ Pure sine wave output (THD<3%) ■ High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power ■ 100% sufficient power. ■ Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance. ■ Optional Crocodile clip and cigar lighters,easy to connect...

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600w inverter 12v 220v



600w inverter 12v 220v

The whole process is executed by CPU intelligent program.

Pure sine wave output: Relative to the square wave or modified sine wave ( Step wave), it have a stronger effect in loading or load capacity.

Available with capacitive load, inductive load and any other type of general-purpose AC load, if it runs a refrigerator, television or radio equipment,  there would be no interference and noise and will not affect the load equipment performance and life. 

High stability: Since it has over voltage, under voltage, overload, overheating, short circuit, reverse  and improved protection, stability of the system.

Digital intelligent control: The core device is controlled by a powerful micro-controller,  making the external circuit structure being simple, control being flexible and control strategy being powerful, thus ensuring excellent performance  and stability

Maximum 600W continuous output and 1200W surge power.

600w inverter 12v 220v

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