Best 600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

best 600w pure sine wave inverter Product features: ■ Pure sine wave output (THD<3%) ■ High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power ■ 100% sufficient power. ■ Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance. ■ Optional Crocodile clip and cigar lighters,easy to...

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best 600w pure sine wave inverter

This Aickar is a strong candidate for the best car inverter and provides a constant supply of 600 Watts of AC power and 1200W of peak power. You can either power it using the included jumper style cables directly to your battery or you can power via the cigarette plug inside of your vehicle. The inverter also has an in-built fan that powers faster when the power inverter rises in temperature to keep it cool.

This power inverter is truly multifunctional and has 2x2.4A intelligent USB charging portsand 2x120V AC pocket sockets allowing you to power all the usual electrical appliances that you have around your house to make sure you can stay connected whilst travelling.

best 600w pure sine wave inverter

The power inverter is easy to transport and has a compact size of just 5.9X3.1 x1.8 making it easy to toss into your bag for those long trips away. It also has a high standard of protective assets with over-temperature, under and over voltage charging, short-circuit, reverse-connect and power overload safety. If any of these occur the indicator will turn red so you never have to worry.

The inverter is built into a durable metal construction to keep it protected from any accidental drops and makes it a great solution for your power hungry appliances.

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